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Welcome to The Brothers Kitchen, the best food truck in Miami for full-service catering, offering delicious Mexican food made with love, tradition, and innovation.

Our story isn't just about food; it's a tale of faith, resilience, and cultural pride, demonstrated through every dish we serve. The Brothers Kitchen was born from a shared dream between Alejandra Sandoval from Nicaragua and Chef Jose Sandoval from Mexico. Founded in 2017, our story begins with resilience, faith, and a touch of serendipity. Jose Sandoval, once a dedicated waiter in the FL Keys, found his life turned upside down when Hurricane Irma swept through the area. Standing amid the ruins, without a job, money, or credit, Jose and Alejandra looked to the sky, hoping for a miracle to sustain their dreams and livelihoods. What can only be described as a miraculous turn of events, the perfect food truck appeared, as if by divine intervention, offering a beacon of hope. It was in this food truck that The Brothers Kitchen and Grill was born, a testament to the enduring spirit of its founders. Today, The Brothers Kitchen and Grill stands as a symbol of perseverance, serving delicious meals that are a testament to our journey. Each dish tells a story of resilience, community, and the belief that sometimes, miracles do happen. Alejandra and Jose started by serving food in a shelter focused on the Hispanic community, offering a taste of home to many. When the shelter closed, they found themselves at a crossroads but refused to let their culinary dreams dissipate. A passion for authentic Mexican cuisine and dedication to service led them to create a unique catering experience in Miami, Florida.

What We Offer

At The Brothers Kitchen, we specialize in homemade Mexican food, from the heartiest burritos and the best tacos in Miami to a variety of dishes that capture the essence of authentic Mexican cuisine. Our food truck is more than a mobile kitchen; it's a beacon of culinary excellence and a testament to the dreams of our founders. We offer a range of catering services tailored for any occasion, whether it's lunch catering in Miami, for small parties, large events, or even wedding catering. As a family-owned, women- and Latino-owned business, The Brothers Kitchen is proud of its heritage and values. We are a small business with a big heart, dedicated to offering full-service catering that goes beyond food. Our services include birthday party catering with a food truck, corporate catering, school catering in Broward County, and the option to rent a food truck for a party or any event. Serving both Miami Dade County and beyond, we strive to bring the best Mexican food catering to your door, making your special occasions unforgettable.


The Brothers Kitchen is committed to excellence, quality, and, most importantly, bringing people together through the love of food. Whether you're looking for authentic Mexican food in Miami or planning an event that requires catering, let us take you on a culinary journey that celebrates the rich flavors and vibrant spirit of Mexican cuisine. Thank you for considering The Brothers Kitchen for your catering needs. Together, we create memories that will last a lifetime, one dish at a time.

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